Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Variations on a Medical Theme

LLLer Elizabeth Howard passes along this writing opportunity.

From the Hospital Drive website:
Hospital Drive: A Journal of Reflective Practice in Word& Image is an on-line journal launched by the University of Virginia School of Medicine in the fall of 2006, to encourage original creative work that examines themes of health, illness, and healing.

Submissions are open to anyone, but preference is given to those involved in providing, teaching, studying, or researching patient care. All work will be judged anonymously by reviewers and the editorial board. Poems, short fiction, personal essays, reviews, photography, visual art, audio, and video will be considered. Issues will be released at least once each year, and include invited work.

Hospital Drive submissions
[NB: They don't pay the writers. But if you're looking for publication and clips, then go for it. --JJ]

Monday, April 14, 2008

Colorado April Luncheon

On Friday, April 11, the Colorado Literary Ladies chowed down at our new fave meeting place: Empress Dim Sum Sea Food Restaurant. We...er...over-ordered, so several of us took home doggie/husband bags.

Clockwise from left:
Carol Berg, Elizabeth Wrenn, Andrea Cohen MD (partally obscured, in blue), Robin D. Owens, Doreen Orion (seated, in black), Sara Megibow (standing, in white), Pam Novotny (seated, in red), Kristin Nelson, Sheri Keasler-Benson, Kim Reid, Karen Carter and Christie Hartman.

Cathy Clarke Wins Big with THE HEIST

Congrats to Colorado LLLer Catherine Clarke, who won first place in the Pikes Peak Writers Paul Gillette Writing Contest, young adult category, for her first novel, THE HEIST. She'll be recognized at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference awards banquet in Colorado Springs on April 26.

Cathy writes:
I assume some of the LLL will attend the PPWC conference? I'll be looking
for them!

Monday, April 7, 2008

LLL Summit at VaBook!

Better late than never, above is a photo of the first-ever National LLL, during the Virginia Festival of the Book, on Friday, March 28 at Hamilton's on Main. "National" because there were three Ladies from the Colorado contingent: Kim Reid, barely visible at 4th from left; Social Secretary Bella Stander in green, 4th from right; Carleen Brice leaning back, 5th from right.

We lobbied hard for Judy Merill Larsen (2nd from left), who was participating in the Fest, to start an LLL chapter in Missouri.

As for the other Ladies at the table, visible on the left are Jenny Gardiner, Judy and Marianne Sullivan. At the very end is Deirdra McAfee. The first three on the right are Susan Wright, Virginia Social Secretary Janis Jaquith and Susie Langenkamp.

The First Annual LLL VaBook Happy Hour, at South Street Brewery on Thurs. 3/27, was a grand success. More than 30 ladies and gentlemen attended. There are no photos of the fabulous event because Bella forgot to take her camera out of her handbag. That's the Lit Life for you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

27 Reasons Why Short Stories Are Rejected

These hot tips come to us by way of the Virginia Quarterly Review blog. (My son, Waldo Jaquith, is their Web developer.)

And while we're on the subject of the UVa's literary magazine, you should know that this is not your father's VQR. It has been souped up by young-pup editor Ted Genoways.

The latest edition (Spring Issue: Superhero Stories) features graphic novelist Art Spiegelman.

Plus, once again, VQR is a finalist in the National Magazine Awards (these are the Pulitzer Prizes of the magazine world), with three nominations.

So, whether you're looking to submit, or are hankering for a majorly good read, keep VQR in mind.

Okay, I'm done bragging now.

Do have a look at those 27 Reasons Why Short Stories Are Rejected. They are all useful (well, apart from number 24, which is absurd.).