Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rose Elliott's Latest Book of Poetry

Announcement from LLLer Roselyn Elliott:

My second poetry chapbook, AT THE CENTER, has been selected for publication by Finishing Line Press, and will be released February 15, 2008.

“The poems in At the Center are tough medicine; and the tougher they are the more beautiful. Roselyn Elliott has a skill for turning pain and illness into poetic transcendence, and then leaving us there, on the heights….Here is a poet who has seen the gleaming, exposed heart of autopsy, the cold and rigid patients “in their sweet blue gowns” and honors the drama of their lives. Let us be thankful for these poems of two worlds, the mortal and the spiritual.”
-- Robert Stewart,
Outside Language: Essays, and
Editor, New Letters

“In this moving collection, Roselyn Elliott stands at the center of the human experience, where the perception of pain and death collides with a fierce, impotent compassion. Speaking with the nurse's precise knowledge of the body and the poet's grasp of the disembodied, she illuminates the excruciating 'ballet' of patient and caregiver.”
--Sharon Leiter, The Dream of Leaving

You may have already received a postcard announcing the publication, and
if you’ve already ordered At the Center, my sincere thanks. Since advance sales determine the number of copies printed, would you please consider passing along a copy of the order form (either as a printout or a forwarded e-mail) to a friend who might be interested in the collection? Please note that if you place your order during the pre-publishing period (before January 18), shipping is FREE. After that, please add $2.00 shipping. Books will be shipped after February 15th.

Thank you!
Roselyn Elliott

(Please mail all orders to the Finishing Line Press address below or order online at FinishingLinePress.com and click on “New Releases”)

Please send me ______ copy(ies) of At the Center, by Roselyn Elliott, at $12.00 per copy.
Enclosed is my check (payable to Finishing Line Press) for $__________



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