Thursday, March 20, 2008

LLL at VaBook - Wed. 3/26

The Literary Ladies Luncheon--VA and CO--will be well represented at the Virginia Festival of the Book. Here's a listing of Literary Ladies' events for Day 1. (Bella Stander's pals & Book Promotion 101 clients are in purple).

WED 3/26
12:00pm High Gloss: Making the Beautiful Book
With Susan Tyler Hitchcock (Geography of Religion: Where God Lives, Where Pilgrims Walk), Jon Lohman (In Good Keeping: Virginia's Folk Apprenticeships), and Anne B. Barriault and Kay Davidson (Selections from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts).
Moderator: Dorrit Green

4:00pm Opening the Vein: Pouring Life into Writing

The Moseley Writers, Jennifer Riesmeyer Elvgren (Josias, Hold the Book), Deborah Prum (Rats, Bulls, and Flying Machines), Fran Cannon Slayton (How to Hop a Moving Train), and Andy Straka (Record of Wrongs), discuss how real life experiences inform fiction and keep writing fresh in a marketing-saturated world.
Moderator: Andy Straka

4:00pm Life As We Know It: Novels of Change and Healing
With Virginia Boyd (One Fell Swoop), Therese Fowler (Souvenir) and Judy Merrill Larsen (All the Numbers).
Moderator: Mariflo Stephens

6:00pm Memoirs: Writing Our Lives, Writing Our Cultures
Elko Stillfried (Leaves in the Wind), Konstantina Dimitra Mahlia (The House of Many Faces), Beatrix Ost (My Father's House: A Childhood in Wartime Bavaria), Linwood Custalow and Angela L. Daniel (The True Story of Pocahontas: The Other Side of History). Hosted by Piedmont Council of the Arts, Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society, and Senior Center.
Moderator: Faith Andrews Bedford

6:00pm Trying to Get it Right: Fiction About Marriage
Jenny Gardiner (Sleeping with Ward Cleaver), James Collins (Beginner's Greek), and Joshua Henkin (Matrimony) offer fictional perspectives of twenty-first century marriages.
Moderator: Jeanne Siler

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