Saturday, December 13, 2008

White Elephants on Parade in Charlottesville

The tenth annual Charlottesville LLL White Elephant Exchange was held yesterday at the Gracious Home of writer and documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Howard. Some twenty Literary Ladies were in attendance. As the exquisite wrappings fell away, we were left with many truly wretched offerings. (Why, this is the best holiday EVER!)

My personal favorite was Susie Langenkamp's new "pump" soap.

Hearty congratulations to our first- and second-place winners, Laura Rydin and Sally Honenberger!


Bella Stander said...

What marvelous treasures! That beanie is truly spectacular. I'm so glad to see that the guava paste (first gifted by LLL cofounder Susan Tyler Hitchcock) and HOW TO BE POPULAR (first gifted by yours truly) are still in circulation.

Susan said...

Bella, all I can say is that you are lucky my house is in such disarray. At least twice I had the intention of transferring said guava paste to YOU and the Colorado contingent, but at least twice I went looking and could not find it. And then, the very morning of this year's Christmas fĂȘte, I looked into the kitchen pantry and there it was, front and center, in the lovely Gump's box into which you had so gently tucked it lo those many years ago when you deigned to return it to me! Never fear. Now it is in the hands of the lovely Janis, and it may yet make it westward. Ho! (ho! ho!) Happy Hanukkah.

Bella Stander said...

The guava paste can't go west; giving it is a hallowed Charlottesville LLL tradition! (I thought the Gump's box was a neat touch.) Anyway, we have the ghastly double-necked "Native" vase to circulate here in Denver.