Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Website Insights

Are you a Literary Lady with a website? Or maybe someone who'd like a website, but you're not sure how to go about it? Elizabeth Howard asked me for advice about this the other day, and I was no help at all. (My son Waldo does my site for free and charges other people more than the average writer could afford.)

So, we're looking for advice: How much should one expect to pay? Do you look for someone online? Should that someone be in Charlottesville, or does it matter? What other tips can you pass along?

[posted by Janis Jaquith]


Bella Stander said...

I have links to some website designers on the Resources page at Book Promotion 101. I don't think it matters where the designer is.

If your work has been published in periodicals or books, you're eligible to join the Authors Guild, which offers cheap website hosting and free site design templates to members. (AG members also get vastly reduced admission to BookExpo, among other perks.)

Deirdra said...

If Elizabeth is or can become an Authors Guild Member, they'll set it up and give her a domain name (mine is, and it's easy to add and change stuff. It's quite cheap through them.

Jenny said...

Hi! I have never met my web designer. She was extraordinarily reasonable and my website was about $250. She's friendly, timely, helpful, etc. She has done a lot of writers' websites as well. her name is Jo Piraneo and her business is Glass Slipper Designs (google it). She's a writer herself, BTW.

scormeny said...
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scormeny said...

I'm a web designer and I've worked with authors; right now I'm the designer and webmaster for, which is site for a self-publishing author in the DC area. I really like her work.

I'm pretty busy until Fall 2007.

I would suggest that anybody in any field looking for a website, think about what you want to accomplish with the site, and what sites you like. The more information you can share with a designer, the better -- the clearer you are the more likely we can come up with an affordable site in a timely fashion.

If you're stymied in your search for a designer, there's an awesome organization in the Washington DC area called DC Web Women. Please feel free to email me ( any requests for proposals and I am happy to pass them on to the email list, which reaches thousands of women in the DC area who do this for a living.

Okay! That's my spiel, best of luck with the LLL group!