Monday, April 30, 2007

You Don't Hear About the Rejections

Everyone who writes (and submits) gets rejected. A fact of life. Does that make it hurt any less when it's YOUR literary creation that gets the thumbs-down? I'd love to know how you all deal with this. Maybe we need a ritual, a voodoo dance or something, to get us back on track. Do you break down? Throw something? Kick the dog? (Hey, don't kick that dog!) How do you cope with rejection and keep on writing?

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Deirdra McAfee said...

I file them carefully for tax purposes, and I note which of them was signed or written upon by a person. These are places I send to again.

I get rejected constantly, but rejection by mail is the easiest kind. And what's really fun is when something gets accepted or gains recognition. I know how many times I sent it. I know no one had faith in it but me, and they were all, all, wrong!