Friday, July 6, 2007

Report from Denver

LLL Denver. Seated (L-R): Sara Megibow, Kristin Nelson, Kelly Notaras, Debra Fine.
Standing: Janet Singleton, Tamara Greenleaf, Carleen Brice, Elizabeth Wrenn, Bella Stander.

Today was the third Denver LLL. We've had exponential growth: just two Ladies in June, five in July and nine today. Denver being just a wee bit (make that almost 15x) bigger than Charlottesville, we had to make some concessions to geography. Which means we had to forego Royal India at the SE end of town in order to accommodate the Ladies who live in the Boulder area.

So today we met in an Irish pub in NW Denver, Mead St. Station in Highlands Square. Upside: Good location, good prices, good food, great iced tea. Downside: Catch-as-catch-can parking, no reservations, noisy. Next month we'll probably meet at a larger, quieter (hooray for sound-deadening carpet!) Chinese restaurant with its own parking lot.

Hot tip from agent Kristin Nelson: If you're an author, freshen up your website periodically by posting "deleted scenes" from your novel. Your readers will love it, and you won't have to worry about giving away protected material.


Janis Jaquith said...

Welcome to LLL, Coloradans! I look forward to our first convention -- I've never been to Colorado.

We need to start up an LLL in Paris. That'd be a swell place for a convention. I guess that would be the "DDL": Dejeuner des Dames Litteraires. (Maybe it's "pour les" rather than "des". We don't want it to sound like the "Dames" are on the menu.)

Carleen Brice said...

Thanks for a fun time, ladies! Good to meet you all (I already bought Elizabeth's novel), and I look foward to meeting Janis.

Tamara said...

Great lunch, gals! A thrill to meet you all and looking forward to the Sept meeting. ~ Tamara

jenny gardiner said...

Hello you Coloradans! Welcome to the LLL! I was looking for Kim--isn't she out there too?