Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mollie Bryan: NPR's "Contessa of Country Cooking"?

Well, hey, Ketzel Levine is NPR's "Doyenne of Dirt." Keep reading Mollie's blackberry adventure at, and you'll also get her recipe for Mrs. Rowe's Blackberry Cobbler.

Kitchen Window
By Mollie Cox Bryan

Hunt for Wild Blackberries Leads to Friendship, August 1, 2007 · The wild blackberry, my favorite summer treat, was the key that opened the door to Mildred Rowe. I wanted to write a biography of the 88-year-old owner of Mrs. Rowe's Restaurant and Bakery in Staunton, Va., but she had deflected my efforts to get to know her — until the subject of blackberries came up.

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[Mollie Cox Bryan is a freelance writer and the author of MRS. ROWE'S RESTAURANT COOKBOOK: A LIFETIME OF RECIPES FROM THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY (Ten Speed Press, 2006), a narrative cookbook about the life of the amazing Mrs. Rowe and the history of her 60-year-old restaurant in Staunton, Va., including 175 family and restaurant recipes.]

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Mollie Cox Bryan said...

Thanks Janis! But "Country Contessa"? I don't know about THAT! ;-)