Sunday, October 7, 2007

Google Will Help Promote Your Book -- For Free

Alert LLLer Kathleen Valenzi Knaus ("Knaus"! She's a newlywed!) sends along this tip for those of us who have books to publicize: Promote Your Books On Google - for free.

From the Google site:
Want a way to sell more books without spending a penny on marketing? Sign up today and soon you'll be able to.

Google Book Search allows publishers and authors to submit their books for inclusion in Google’s search results. Whether you’re a large publisher with a thousand-title backlist or a small press that puts out a few titles a year, participating in Google Book Search can:

• increase your books’ visibility at no cost
• drive sales by reaching Google’s worldwide user base
• refer qualified traffic to your website
• deliver a new revenue stream via contextual ads placed next to pages from your book
[Main site:]
If anyone has given this one a whirl, I hope you'll click on "comment" and let us know how it worked out.


Janis Jaquith said...

Kathleen tells me her new name is pronounced "kah-NOUSE." (All the cool people have alliterative names.)

Bella Stander said...

Let's hope she gets a book deal with Knopf ("kah-NOFF").

Carleen Brice said...

One of my books is searchable and has ads next to it, but it was done through my publisher...I guess. I haven't seen a dime.

Carleen Brice said...

Duh. The book is Age Ain't Nothing but a Number (Beacon Press).