Sunday, October 7, 2007

Monster Reviews!

The press is starting to roll in for LLL cofounder Susan Tyler Hitchcock's FRANKENSTEIN: A Cultural History. And WOW, is it ever hot!

Today's Los Angeles Times says:
Her text grows out of such a fertile ground of scholarly research that any chapter might blossom into another volume.

Thus it's all the more remarkable that this book is so much fun....

Her "cultural history" is so lively that at first you may decide it lacks scholarly ballast and slant. Soon, however, one sees that the author's admirable restraint serves to advance and streamline the text. In the last chapters, while addressing how academic criticism opened the door to "Frankenstein," Hitchcock's own work confirms the value of cultural history as a discipline.
Here's a Sept. 25 feature in Wired, It's Alive! How Frankenstein Created a Cultural Monster:
What is it about Frankenstein that has fascinated us for generations? "Frankenstein is about daring to go where your mind takes you," Hitchcock says. "But that can be dangerous, and our society has a whole set of rules and regulations to keep us from doing that." In a world of cloning, computers, stem cells, and transplants, it's not surprising that the monster seems even more alive today than it did back at the dawn of the electrical age.
And Frankenstein is at the top of a "Monsters, Inked" feature in the Books section in the Oct. 12 issue of Entertainment Weekly (not available online yet). Grade: B+.


Janis Jaquith said...

What great news! Congratulations, Susan!

Susan Tyler Hitchcock said...

I'm blushing -- and I'm ecstatic.

This is the moment every writer loves. Maybe I don't need a day job after all. (But don't tell them that I said so...)